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2018 Civic Si Coupe shown in Rallye Red.

The 205-horsepower * turbocharged engine coupled with an Adaptive Damper System offers exhilarating, precise performance on the track or the street.

A close-ratio 6-Speed Manual Transmission, a helical Limited-Slip Differential and a special Sport Mode can help give you ultimate control over high revs and curvy roads.

Upgraded, larger brakes are perfectly showcased by 18-inch Machine-Finished Alloy Wheels – just two facets of the car’s bold, race-inspired design.

An aggressive sport bumper, the legendary red Si badge framed by a menacing gloss black grille and that snarling lip make the Civic Si Coupe hard to miss.

Featuring a turbocharged engine, a Rear Wing and a Center-Outlet Sport Exhaust System integrated into the Rear Diffuser, the 2018 Civic Si Coupe not only pushes the limits of performance, but of style as well.

Add to the thrill of every outing with a Leather-Wrapped Steering Wheel, customizable driver-focused displays like a boost gauge, rev-limit indicator and G-meter, plus a 7-inch Display Audio Touch-Screen.

Deep bolstered sport seats featuring red accent stitching add to the visceral experience and remind you that performance is embedded in the history of the Civic Si Coupe.

Sorry, your vehicle didn't load. Please try again.. Reload

Put together a configuration that works for you.

2018 Civic Si Coupe 6-Speed Manual

Your 2018 Civic Si Coupe 6-Speed Manual

360 spin. Some accessories may not appear.

Base Price

w/ 1.5L Turbo 4-Cyl. Engine

Exterior Color

Interior Color


Destination and Handling

Enter your Zip Code to see current offers

See your Dealer for any available local offers.

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for current offers and Honda news





HFP Sport Suspension, 19-in HFP Black Alloy Wheels, HFP Badges and more.


It’s easy to find your nearest Honda dealer. Simply enter your ZIP Code and we’ll do the rest.

2018 Car and Driver ’s 10Best Cars

Car and Driver has named Civic Si a 10Best Car for its brilliant adaptive damper system, sportier steering, bigger brakes and connected audio technology—calling it, “a blissful balance of fun and function.” *

395 + 215 - ? = 310

610 - ? = 310

? = 300 (Option 4)

Q.3) What will come at place of a: (128 ÷ 16 x a – 7*2)/(7 2 -8*6+a 2 ) = 1

Solution: Using the BODMAS rule

(8*a – 14)/(49-48+a 2 ) = 1

(8*a – 14)/(1 + a 2 ) = 1

8a – 14 = 1 + a 2

a 2 – 8a + 15 = 0

a=3 or 5 (Option 2)

Q.4) What will come at place of ?: 85.147 + 34.192*6.2 + ? = 802.293

85 + 35*6 + ? = 803

85 + 210 + ? = 803

295 + ? = 803

? = 508 [approx. = 500] (Option 5)

Q.5) What will come at place of ?: (3/8 of 168)*15 ÷ 5 + ? = 549 ÷ 9 + 235

(3*168÷8)*15 ÷ 5 + ? = 549 ÷ 9 + 235

(504÷8)*3 + ? = 61 + 235

63*3 + ? = 296

189 + ? = 296

? = 107 (Option 2)

Key points to remember related to Simplification:


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