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Sameena Shah

Chua :So when we sat down with the RD people it was really a question of: How much can we do? How can we narrow the scope of this so we can be successful? And to their credit, our development team basically said: “Let’s make this big. Let’s try to solve much more universally than solve for individual small uses.”

Shah :We interviewed numerous journalists all across the globe from various specializations and really listened to how they gather information; how they use social media to assess whether something is newsworthy or not; and how do they go about verifying various types of different stories. And once we understood that we created the algorithms and tools that could mimic just that.

Chua :One thing we found is that it’s been very good at finding certain types of events much more quickly than many mainstream news organizations are able to do. It was ahead on the Brussels Airport bombing by several minutes. It was ahead on the Chelsea bomb by again several minutes.

Since we started keeping analytical records about a year ago, Reuters News Tracer has beaten global news outlets in breaking over 50 major news stories. This has given our Reuters journalists anywhere from an 8- to 60-minute head start.

So it’s done very well and we can see that as a tip service for news organizations, and for us particularly, obviously, it’s been very helpful. It lets us start getting on a story much more quickly.

Shah :It was really a very, very cohesive partnership in which technology brought in the technical expertise, the scientific rigor that could actually build those algorithms. And the human expertise that we were wanting to mimic, that was brought in from the Reuters journalists.

Chua :What’s great about this partnership is that to be able to take a fire hose of information that comes in at 140 characters and, with not much more than that, to be able to say: “This is newsworthy, you should look at it.” And then to say: “This may well be true.” That, I think, is a really interesting place to be.

Check out the process and methodology behind Reuters News Tracer in our 2016 Annual Report and view our recorded demo to see Tracer in action .

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The law criminalises any acts that trigger religious hatred and/or insult religion through any form of expression, which covers speech and the written word, books, pamphlets or online media. The law prohibits any act that would be considered as insulting God, his prophets or apostles or holy books or houses of worship or graveyards.

The law prohibits any entity or group established specifically to provoke religious hatred and recommends stringent punishments for groups or supporters of any organisations or individuals that are associated with hate crimes.

It also bars any kind of events such as conferences and meetings within the UAE, which are organised with the sole purpose of sowing seeds of discrimination, discord or hatred against individuals or groups.

Receiving financial support for such activities is also punishable under the new law.

The law encourages anyone involved in any activity that violates the law to submit themselves voluntarily before the authorities and has provisions allowing the courts to waive penalties in such cases.

International Institute for Tolerance

Aiming to promote the culture of tolerance regionally and globally, the UAE Government of Dubai has launched the International Institute for Tolerance as per local Law No 9 of 2017 . The step seeks to provide solutions to the challenges of extremism and promote the UAE as a role model for tolerance.

The law also launches the Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Tolerance Award which seeks to honour the efforts of those who contribute in spreading the culture of tolerance in the societies.

The institute is open to scholars and tolerance advocates who wish to work towards establishing a culture of tolerance and openness in our societies and against all forms of discrimination among people, based on religion, gender, race, colour or language.

The institute will encourage open dialogue and highlight the honest and peaceful essence of Islam against extremism, fanaticism and intellectual repression. It will propose policies, legislations and initiatives to entrench the values of tolerance and co-existence and create an environment that is conducive to social and cultural harmony.


In December 2012, air jordan retro 13 q5407a 0tBlqGl
, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation launched mens nike roshe run graphic premium
(Arabic for guidance) the new name of the International Centre for Excellence in countering violent extremism, in Abu Dhabi.


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